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Video-Recording Headphones In View From Soundsight

New York — Video-recording smart headphones are slated for limited arrival this month from start-up Soundsight.

Able for use with both Android and iOS smartphones, the Bluetooth headphones can record audio and video to create on-the-fly music videos via a 5-megapixel rotating camera on the ear cup. Videos can be recorded in 1080p at 30 fps or 720p at 60 fps, and the headphones also feature six built-in microphones and a six-axis gyroscope/accelerometer.

The cameras can begin recording by tapping the ear cup, or a user can program voice controls to activate. Videos are immediately transferred via Bluetooth or EDR to the smartphone upon recording, said company founder Stephen Chase, and while the number of videos recorded is dependent on the smartphone’s capacity, the headphones are able to capture up to 30 minutes of video at a time. Still images can also be captured, including HDR, he added.

The headphones feature 16GB of onboard storage to hold up to 30 minutes of video if a user doesn’t have a smartphone with him. 

An accompanying Clip&Mix app enables users to select a portion of a song to play with a video, while a ColorTune feature matches video colors to music notes, Soundsight said. Video editing is done on the portable device, and the videos can be shared on social media. The app will be free, but a premium version with additional editing features will have an annual $4.99 subscription fee. 

The company notes on its website that it has an SDK for third-party app developers.  

The active noise-canceling headphones also have a USB audio output. Three detachable cables are included — 3.5mm coiled, 3.5mm straight and a USB audio cable — as are a jack adapter and travel case.  

A built-in 800 mAh lithium-ion battery allows for four hours of video use, but the headphones will operate as a standard wired model should the battery die. Battery life for active noise canceling only is listed at 18 hours. Charging is done via MicroUSB.  

The headphones feature 52mm drivers; frequency response is listed at 16Hz to 20kHz.  

They will be initially priced at $349 during the limited preorder run, and suggested retail will be $499 at their official release in fall 2015, the company said. Those who preorder are scheduled to receive them in December, according to the website. Said Chase to TWICE: “We want users engaged; therefore, we created an introductory price of $349 to make the product more tangible to consumers. At $349, this is a price where few notable video recording devices and better-quality headphones are, and we offer a better technology advantage.”

The headphones will come in Titanium or Onyx designs.