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Velodyne Adds DSP Subs

Velodyne Acoustics made it more affordable to enjoy the performance of powered subwoofers that use DSP (digital signal processing) to digitally control all functions. The company formerly offered DSP control only in its flagship Digital Drive subwoofers, but the technology will be available in July in two affordable subs in the new Digital Power Slot (DPS) series.

The two DPS series subs digitally control crossovers, equalization, dynamic compression, volume, phase, protection circuits and four selectable presets. DSP control delivers greater output and impact, flatter frequency response and greater bass extension, the company said.

The series consists of the DPS-10 with 10-inch forward-firing driver and 375 watts dynamic power, and the DPS-12 with 12-inch forward-firing driver and 400 watts dynamic power. The suggested retail pricing of the DPS Series ranges from $499 to $599.

At the top of each sub, a touch-panel control features volume control and four acoustic presets for movies, R&B-rock, jazz-classical and games. The control also features a night mode feature that limits the maximum output of the subwoofer for late night listening.