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TWICE Picks Award Winner: Nyko Technologies Data Bank Pro for PS4 Slim & Pro

The Nyko Data Bank Pro is an add-on accessory for the PS4 Slim and Pro that expands the internal memory by allowing the use of an additional 3.5-inch hard drive. Users can access both the console’s original 2.5-inch drive and the new 3.5-inch drive with a simple flip of a switch, ensuring that they can hold on to their saved games and DLC for years. The Data Bank Pro is easy to install — it plugs into the hard drive bay via the included SATA adaptor and USB cable by accessing a single screw (using an included screwdriver). The versatile design allows the Data Bank to rest on top of the PS4 or alongside it, so that it can be used in both the vertical and horizontal positions. It also has a dedicated AC cord to charge the drive, so it avoids pulling additional power from the console.