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TV Shelf Leaders Hold Sept. Spots

Samsung continued to hold the top spot in retail shelf share for LCD TV placements during September, while Panasonic and Sony maintained their status as ranking leaders for plasma and rear-projection TV placements, respectively, according to the September retail TV shelf-share tracking report from Current Analysis West, a company of The NPD Group.

For LCD TV, the market research company said Samsung, Toshiba and Vizio were the big shelf-share gainers for the month. Samsung upped its August category leading figure by 1.33 percentage points, giving it 13.68 percent shelf share in the retail channel. The figure is the manufacturer’s second highest mark for the year, Current Analysis West said.

Samsung’s increase was aided by the release of four new products, all of which are more than 40 inches in size.

“With its Best Buy and Circuit City-assorted 32HL67U, Toshiba was able to increase its shelf share by 0.79 percentage points. Closely behind Toshiba, with a 0.75 percentage point increase, was Vizio,” Current Analysis West reported. “The up-and-coming company’s Sears-placed GV42LF, coupled with the Costco-placed GV52L, provided it with the ammunition to attain 7.89 percent shelf share for September.”

Current Analysis West said the figure represents the highest mark ever for the Irvine, Calif.-based Vizio.

Vizio also made big gains in the plasma TV category in September. With a 1.11 percentage point increase, the company attained 6.37 percent shelf share for the month, Current Analysis West said. The figure marks the company’s highest share ever in the retail plasma market.

Panasonic, which continued to pace the plasma category in September, also made big gains, with 24.09 percent shelf share. The figure is the company’s second-highest mark from September 2006 to the current month.

In terms of new products, Hitachi continued to match the industry’s 50-inch plasma trend by placing its own 1080p unit at that size.

“The Hitachi P50S601 provides another force in plasma’s fight against LCD in the 50- to 52-inch space,” Current Analysis West said.

In rear-projection TV, Samsung made big shelf gains in the month, tallying a 3 percentage point increase of its shelf share from August. As a result, the company attained its highest shelf share for the year at 24.45 percent.

The gains Samsung made for the month came as a result of increased SKUs in the channel — from 47 in August to 51 in September, according to report.

Despite the growth, Sony managed to hold onto the category lead in shelf share, increasing its numbers 0.6 percentage points for 32.06 percent share for the month, 7.6 percentage points higher than second-place Samsung.

In terms of new product releases for the month, DLP led the technology front, with five new products in the channel, while there were 3 LCoS-based televisions making their debut, Current Analysis West said.