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Thomson To Use SRS In Y2K DVD

Thomson Consumer Electronics announced it has adopted SRS Labs’ TruSurround two-channel virtual surround sound technology as the audio-enhancement system for GE, RCA and ProScan DVD players planned for the 2000 model line.

TruSurround is designed to take advantage of the 5.1 separate audio channels of Dolby Digital system to produce a synthesized surround sound effect from two channels. The TruSurround system uses the Head Related Transfer Function (HRTF) system to envelop listeners in sound, creating the sensation of ghost speakers.

According to the announcement, Thomson will introduce a new DVD product lineup for 2000 “that includes a new look, improved onscreen user interfaces, enhanced scan modes, sophisticated new ways of viewing movie content, and unsurpassed sound quality with the implementation of TruSurround.” Street prices will range from $199 to $599, Thomson said.