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T-Mobile’s Binge On Adds YouTube, Google Play Movies, Others Video Services

T-Mobile expanded its Binge On video-streaming program to include Google’s YouTube, Google Play Movies and seven other services to bring the total count of participating streaming services to more than 50.

Binge On, launched in November with only 24 video-streaming providers, lets eligible subscribers reduce the resolution of participating streaming services to DVD quality. In return, consumers stream all the video they want from the services without dipping into their LTE data buckets. The opt-out service also reduces the quality of streaming services not participating in Binge On, enabling subscribers to fill their LTE data buckets with three times more video than before.

Other participating services include Sling, Hulu, Netflix and HBO Now.

Google Play Movies and Google-owned YouTube joined the program after T-Mobile altered the program. The changes give nonparticipating streaming services more control over the quality of their content when a subscriber is using Binge On.

With the changes, T-Mobile is giving providers the ability to optimize their own video streams over the T-Mobile network instead of having T-Mobile optimize the streams for them. YouTube will be one of the first providers to take advantage of this option, T-Mobile said.

In addition, video providers can choose to have their content stream at native resolutions — including Ultra HD and beyond — if they do not participate in Binge On, though consumers would fill up their data bucket faster. T-Mobile will identify the providers’ streams so the streaming resolution isn’t reduced. A list of those services is at

On one of its blogs, Google said T-Mobile will also do a better job of clarifying the impact of activating Binge On. T-Mobile is also making it easier to turn the service on and off, Google said.

The other new services participating in Binge On are Baeble Music, Discovery Go, ESNE TV, FilmOn.TV, Fox Business, KlowdTV and Red Bull TV. The full list of participants is at