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T-Mobile Offering Low-Priced, Unlimited LTE For Multiple Lines

T-Mobile is making permanent a fleeting family-plan promotion from earlier this year: four lines with unlimited talk, text and high-speed 4G LTE data for $160 per month.

The new program, dubbed T-Mobile ONE, will replace existing plans when it goes live Sept. 6. Current customers can switch to the new plan or continue with their present one.

The pricing breaks down thusly:

First line: $70 per month.

Second line: $50 per month.

Each additional line (up to eight): $20 per month; $30 per month thereafter.

The stipulation: Prices include autopay; each line is $5 more per month without.

Also, video will only stream in standard definition (480p), as it does under the carrier’s current opt-in Binge On program, which allows unlimited streaming from participating services without drawing from data allowances.

Customers can receive HD video streams for an additional $25 per month per line under the ONE plan, and data speeds may be throttled after users reach a generous 26GB threshold each month.

The program, the 12th installment in president/CEO John Legere’s ongoing “Un-Carrier” initiatives, will be available for postpaid customers initially, and prepaid customers later.

“We are completely destroying the whole concept of a data plan; it’s gone,” the outspoken chief executive said in a video blog, below. “This will change the industry forever.”