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SureCall EZ 4G Signal Booster Begins Shipping

SureCall has begun shipping its EZ 4G cellphone signal booster which is being billed as the “first all-carrier 3G and 4G LTE signal booster that doesn’t require the installation of a roof-top antenna.”

The EZ 4G is built on SureCall’s patented five-band cellular booster technology which provides PCS, cellular, LTE and 4G AWS frequencies for use with all major U.S. carriers. This, combined with supporting multiple simultaneous users, make it an ideal solution for small businesses and homes, SureCall told TWICE.

Features include easy plug and play operation, the device’s simple window set up eliminates the need for an outdoor or roof-top antenna; a five-band solution that provides future-proofing in case a consumer wants to change carriers or has multiple carrier needs in their home or office; support for multiple simultaneous users with coverage up to two rooms.

“The EZ 4G combines beautiful design and patented five-band cellphone signal booster technology that delivers results,” said Joe Banos, marketing VP at SureCall. “The EZ 4G booster actually creates a new booster category – it is the first product to market in the ‘Easy Install” cellphone signal booster category. With only one-cable and a combined exterior antenna and amplifier unit in a beautiful design, SureCall provides a plug and play solution for consumers including those who may not have access to their roof or attic. After watching a variety of cell booster products come to market over the years, this one sets the pace for installation simplicity.”

It is retailing for $399 for a complete kit.