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Start-Up Cue Debuts Portable Molecular Health Scanner

SAN DIEGO — Start-up health-technology company Cue has introduced a portable device that tracks some key health indicators on a molecular level and sends the results to a smartphone app.

The eponymous Cue device tracks inflammation, vitamin D levels, fertility, the presence of influenza, and testosterone levels in minutes, by analyzing a droplet of saliva, blood or a nasal swab sample.

Cue sends the data via Bluetooth 4.0 to the user’s smartphone, where the free Cue app analyzes the interplay of the user’s activity, food intake and sleep. The app’s Life Feed feature produces interactive charts to help visualize the daily effect of activity, nutrition and sleep on the user’s molecular health. Cue makes research-based recommendations for foods proven to support health and alerts the user of progress leading to a healthier state.

Data can be shared through the app with a doctor or family members.

Cue is designed to be easy to use, the company said. The device illuminates when a cartridge is inserted and prompts the user to add a sample, collect with the included Cue sample wand, and slide it into the cartridge. Cue detects the presence of the sample wand when inserted and automatically starts the analysis. After a few minutes, Cue delivers the information to its smartphone app. When the analysis is complete, Cue prompts the user to remove the cartridge and dispose of it. To enhance user safety and hygiene, the sample wand permanently locks inside the cartridge and is disposed of with the cartridge.

The device stands 3 inches tall, weighs less than a pound and has an optional travel case. Cue includes a set of single-use sample cartridges. Additional cartridges can be ordered from the company.

Cue recharges using Qi-standard wireless inductive-charging technology. It detects when it has left the charging base and automatically enters sleep mode, conserving battery power.

Cue is now available for pre-order on at, at a retail price of $149 for the first 1,000 units sold. The remaining limited quantity will be priced at $199 until sold out. The suggested retail price thereafter will be $300. It is expected to begin shipping in spring 2015.