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Sprint Targets T-Mobile With Trade-In Program

Overland Park, Kan. – Sprint is going after T-Mobile subscribers by guaranteeing a minimum $200 trade-in value when they trade in their current T-Mobile phone at a Sprint store or via Sprint’s website.

The limited-time promotion is available through April 9 and can be combined with a contract buyout offer. Under the buyout offers, T-Mobile customers get up to $350 per line via a prepaid or reward card to cover early termination fees and the installment billing balance on their current device.

In 2014, Sprint paid out more than $250 million in trade-in payments, which the carrier contended is better than competitors’ programs because, among other things, it provides an instant in-store credit that can be used toward a new phone purchase, accessories or as an account credit. Sprint also allows customers to trade in up to three phones per line at any time and five in a calendar year, whereas T-Mobile allows one phone trade-in per line, Sprint said.

In 2014, Sprint bought back more than 3 million phones. Of those, more than 80 percent were remanufactured as certified pre-owned devices. To date, Sprint said its trade-in program has helped create more than $1 billion in cost avoidance because the company reused most of the devices it collects.