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Spectra Adds Jensen iPad Speakers, Bluetooth


Spectra is expanding its Jensen-
branded iPad-docking speaker line with at
least two new models, launching its first stereo
Bluetooth speaker, and launching an iPod/
iPhone-docking AC/DC boombox.

One new iPod/iPhone system is the company’s
first with separate pivoting speakers.

The iPad-docking speaker systems include
the $79-suggested JiPS-200i, which features
retractable dock, aux in jack, stereo speakers,
and remote. It will be available in the first quarter

Another new iPad speaker system is the
$129-suggested JiPS-310i, which packs a biamplified
2.1-channel speaker system in an elliptical
chassis with chrome accents. Output is
rated at 2×4 watts plus 10 watts for the woofer.
It ships in January. Other features include aux
input and composite-video output.

The $79-suggested JiSS-300i iPod/iPhonedocking
CD-boombox features top-load CD-R/
RW player, covered front-loading dock, FM stereo
tuner, multifunction blue back-lit display, aux
input, carrying handle and remote control. The
remote controls all docked-iPhone/iPod functions.
It’s shipping.

The $129-suggested JiMS-252i iPhone/
iPod-docking music system, available the first
quarter, features multifunction 0.7-inch blue
LCD display, FM tuner, alarm clock, remote
control, composite-video output, aux input, and
separate pivoting two-way speakers that rotate
to the left or right for directional sound. Power
is rated at 2×5 watts RMS.

The Bluetooth speaker is the $79-suggested
SMPS-655, which includes Bluetooth’s audio
video remote control profile (AVRCP). The AC/
DC model operates on four AA batteries, and
it doubles as a hands-free speaker phone via
embedded microphone.