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Soul Electronics’ Next Headphones Will Share Music & Have Walkie-Talkies

Hong Kong – Remember Soul Electronics — the one with the Ludacris headphones? Well, the company is turning to Kickstarter for its newest headphones, this time a pair that shares music via Bluetooth and packs in walkie-talkie functions.

A spokesman for the company told TWICE it’s going the crowdfunding route this time because it’s the best way to obtain feedback. 

The Combat+ Sync headphones will feature a built-in touch controls on the ear cups, while the walkie-talkie functions will let partners cheer one another one during workouts. The headphones will sync with one another so wearers can listen to the same song.

Soul said it’s also developing an accompanying app.

The Combat+ Sync will boast Bluetooth with AptX, a 15-hour battery life, built-in mic, and a sweat-proof construction with washable ear pads.

Shipping is expected in February 2016. The first 50 early birds can get one for a pledge of $179, and the price jumps to $199 after that. The suggested retail will be $279.