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Sony’s 36-Inch XBR HD Monitor Paces Industry

When it comes to direct-view HDTV monitors, Sony has an early lead even before its models hit retail floors, and the added weight of the high-end Sony XBR logo virtually pre-sold last year’s KV36XBR450 into the top-ranked position on NPD TechWorld market studies.

Tim Alessi, Sony TV and digital media marketing director, acknowledged that years of unmatched brand name support helps to make his job easier.

“The [KV-36XBR450] hit the right balance of features, performance and value for the consumer,” Alessi said.

That balance included a very popular 36-inch 4:3 screen size for direct view HDTV monitors, a flat screen FD Trinitron Wega picture tube and a revamped contemporary styling design accentuated by a matching open stand.