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Snow White DVD Adds Video Game

Disney Home Video recently announced its classic animated tale Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs will make its DVD debut Oct. 9 at a $29.99 suggested retail.

Keeping with its marketing tradition, Disney said the two-disc set will be available for a limited time on DVD. Because the film was originally released in 1937 as Disney’s first feature-length animated film, Disney is hyping the DVD release with an advertising and promotional campaign themed “The One That Started It All.”

The special DVD edition will include an assortment of interactive bonus features. Disney calls the release “the world’s first fully-immersive DVD,” explaining that the disc includes an animated menu guide based on the movie’s Magic Mirror. Bonus material includes behind-the-scenes programs, Barbra Streisand singing “Some Day My Prince Will Come,” and a video game that is playable on DVD video players.

Disney said it further tweaked the film’s previously restored print for DVD using HDTV video. Disney used its own noise-reduction technology to restore audio tracks, and remastered the soundtrack into a 5.1-channel mix.