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Over 200 American Towns And Cities Will Get 5G Coverage With T-Mobile’s Latest Expansion

T-Mobile doubles its 5G network coverage, bringing 5G to over 200 new towns and cities. Here's how to find out if you're covered.

(Image credit: Alex Tai/SOPA Images/LightRocket via Getty Image)

T-Mobile has pledged to cover 100 million Americans with its mid-band 5G by the end of 2020, and its newest network expansion is a big step in the right direction. The rollout, which has covered over 200 new towns and cities, will allow millions of Americans to access T-Mobile’s 2.5GHz mid-band 5G network. That brings the total number of areas covered across the United States to over 400.

T-Mobile is already a leader in the race to bring meaningful 5G coverage nationwide. Its low-band network offers nationwide coverage, making it one of the best cell phone providers, no matter where you live. However, the rollout of its mid-band 5G network will be welcome news to smartphone users nationwide in anticipation of the launch of the new 5G-enabled iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro, which will dramatically increase the amount of 5G users nationwide.

Are you covered by T-Mobile 5G?

Most Americans won’t experience the immediate benefits of 5G rollouts right away. In fact, you’ll only notice the difference if you currently use a 5G-enabled smartphone such as the Samsung Galaxy S20 or OnePlus 8. However, living in an area with good 5G coverage does make the prospect of buying a 5G-ready phone more tempting.

5G offers users faster data transfer speeds and stronger overall connections, meaning you can download videos in seconds and never worry about your FaceTime breaking up. This is because it runs on powerful radio waves, known as mmWaves, which are capable of transmitting a lot of data, fast.

So are you covered by the network expansion? You can check out the T-Mobile coverage map below to find out, or find the full map here to enter your location.

T-Mobile 5G coverage

T-Mobile’s coverage map shows anywhere with coverage in pink. (Image credit: T-Mobile)

The map includes its 4G LTE as 5G coverage – is that cheating? Yeah, kind of. According to T-Mobile itself, there’s a big difference:

“With 5G, large amounts of data can be transmitted much more efficiently than with 4G LTE, and that means faster speeds, more reliable service, less lag, and the ability to handle many more connections without buffering.”

The best way to find out if your specific area is one of the 200+ new towns and cities covered is to check out the full list, here.

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