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Slappa Bag Separates Into 4 Individual Bags

Slappa Distribution is introducing its BulkHead Pro travel bag that can be separated into four individual “spacious” bags. Each compartment is padded to protect a laptop and electronic gear and has its own shoulder straps. The Slappa bag is made from water-resistant and Slappa’s BuckBlast material.

BulkHead Pro bags come in two versions — one with a five-stage hideaway trolley puller and one without the trolley puller. Each has a removable strap with clips that enable users to adjust strap length. Units include three combination locks, removable phone case with belt clip and a name-card holder. Bags are ideal for two laptops or electronic gear that is sized up to 17 inches, said the company.

The Bulkhead Pro laptop/travel bag has a suggested $149.99 retail, while the bag with a trolley is $179.99.

Shipping is scheduled for November.