Silo Reveals 2012 Value TV Lines

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Silo Digital recently unveiled a range of new LCD TVs for its 2012 model lineup, including step-up SKUs with LED backlighting, 3D capability and U.S. assembly.

The first model from the new 2012 assortment began shipping last month. The Silo 32-inch LTSL32601 ($300 suggested retail), offers 1,366 by 768-pixel HD resolution, a 2,000:1 contrast ratio, 450c/m2 brightness and a piano-black cabinet finish with swivel base.

It will be followed a little later this year by Silo’s new Vibrant and Phoenix TV model lines, both offering select design styling and high-end units with LED edge lighting and 3D capability.

The Vibrant series models all feature CCFL backlighting and will be available in the 32-, 42- and 55- inch screen sizes.

Two 32-inch models will be available in 1,366 by 768-pixel resolution at a 60Hz refresh rate and in Full- HD 1080p resolution at a 120Hz refresh rate. They will carry suggested retails of $325 and $375, respectively.

The Vibrant series will also offer two 42-inch SKUs, both with FullHD 1080p resolution, 500 cd/m2 brightness and 6,000:1 contrast ratios.

The models will differ in refresh rates, with the 60Hz version carrying a $525 suggested retail and the 120Hz version carrying a $575 suggested retail.

The sole 55-inch model ($1,100 suggested retail) will features FullHD 1080p resolution and a 120Hz refresh rate.

The Phoenix-series LCD TVs all feature LED back/ edge lighting and come in 3D/2D or 2D-only versions.

The 2D-only models will include six SKUs in 19-, 24-, (two) 32- ,42- and 55-inch screen sizes.

The 19-inch version ($200) offers 1,366 by 768-pixel resolution, a 60Hz refresh rate, an 800:1 contrast ratio and 250cd/m2 brightness.

The 2D Phoenix 24- ($250) and a 32-inch ($380) models feature 1080p resolution and 60Hz resolution.

The 32- ($530), 42- ($650) and 55-inch ($1,250) versions all offer 1080p resolutions, 120Hz refresh rates and 6,000:1 contrast ratios.

The Phoenix 3D series offers the 42- $1,100) and 55-inch ($2,500) screen sizes. Both offer LED backlighting, 1080p resolution, 5,000:1 contrast ratios, and brightness output of 450 and 500 cd/m2, respectively.


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