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Seiki 4K Ultra HD TV Line

First launched in April 2013, the Seiki 50-inch class 4K Ultra HD TV quickly became one of the most talked about TVs of the year. The Seiki brand was the first to deliver a 4K Ultra HD TV to the U.S. market at a price point that set the benchmark for the category.  Seiki continued to defy the notion that a higher price tag equals a better TV, and expanded its 4K Ultra HD TV portfolio to include 39-, 55- and 65-inch class models. With the introduction of the 39-inch class model, Seiki made 4K Ultra HD even more affordable and successfully positioned the product to a new category of buyers wanting to experience next-generation PC computing on a 4K screen.   All Seiki 4K Ultra HD TV models feature impressive 3,840-by-2,160 resolution, minus the nonessential features—such as Smart TV or 3D. Seiki 4K TVs are focused on delivering what matters most—stunning picture and sound at an equally stunning price. Seiki 4K Ultra HD TV models feature built-in digital and analog channel tuning, USB port for displaying 4K photos and MP3 audio, and multiple video and audio connections to support current HD and 4K video content. The models are also packaged with a high-speed HDMI standard cable.  Since the first launch, Seiki 4K Ultra HD TVs have been honored with the ninth annual POPULAR MECHANICS Breakthrough Awards, Tom’s Guide Best TVs 2013 and TweakTown Editor’s Choice Award.