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See Which Top TV Brands Are Winning Online

Vizio takes home the gold in Brand View’s latest analysis of 4K TV online selling. 

As part of its exclusive market research for TWICE, Brand View analyzed online performances of the top five most-listed 4K TV brands in the following sites:,,, and

Although Vizio took top billing with an overall score of 3.6 stars, it was a tight race, with LG coming in a close second at 3.3. According to Brand View — which determines its overall rankings using a proprietary weighted method, not an average — Vizio’s dominating 4.0 Representation score was the key contributor to its win. The manufacturer had a large number of images for all of its product listings, said the research firm, as well as a significant number of product videos on the Target and Walmart websites.

Hisense, meanwhile, suffered in Discoverability because of low keyword search results, and in Representation because of significantly fewer product images than the competing brands on Target’s and Best Buy’s websites. It also lacked any product videos on and, said Brand View.

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All of the brands excelled in Engagement thanks to large numbers of product reviews on all of the retailers’ websites. Vizio performed the worst in this category largely because of lower reviews on and, said Brand View, although reviews still tended to exceed 3.5 stars.

In calculating the scores, Brand View used the following criteria:


*Can shoppers find the products on the digital shelf?
*Do the products return on the first page of results when searched for by category, or by keywords, such as “4K television” or “4K TV.”


*Is the brand name present and correct in product descriptions?
*Is key product information, including descriptions, images and videos, accurately listed on retailer websites?


*Are shoppers engaging with the brand online?
*How do the product reviews and ratings represent the brand?

Because shopper reviews and ratings were unavailable in Fry’s, these scores were weighted to include only Discoverability and Representation. Meanwhile, searches for “4K TV” directed to a purchasing advice page with no products, and thus the Discoverability score for this retailer was weighted to include search placement for just the term “4K television” and category shelf placement.

Brand View does not include refurbished models in its calculations.