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Samsung Intros Blu-ray Disc HTiBs, Enters AVR Market

Samsung launched three new Blu-ray HTiB (home theater in a box) systems, expanded into the A/V receiver (AVR) market, and plans its first 3D Blu-ray HTiB sometime later in the year.

In Blu-ray HTiBs, the company didn’t offer specifics about its planned 3D-equipped system, but it did provide details about three other new models, all of which are the company’s first with Digital Living Network Alliance (DLNA) connectivity to simplify access to content on a networked PC. They’re also the company’s first HTiBs to access Samsung’s upgraded [email protected] service, which enables the downloading of Samsung apps to deliver an expanded selection of streaming content and applications compared to what was available on last year’s models. The apps access content from such providers as Accedo Broadband,, The Associated Press, Blockbuster, Fashion TV, Netflix, Picasa, Pandora, Rovi, Travel Channel, Twitter, USA TODAY, and Vudu.

Two of the HTiBs, the HT-C6730W and HT-C6500, will be the company’s first HTiBs with embedded Wi-Fi, while the HT-C7530Wwill support Wi-Fi through an included wireless dongle. Last year’s models connected to optional Wi-Fi dongles.

All three models feature a retro, no-grill speaker design, decoding of all authorized Blu-ray surround formats, BD-Live capability, and Samsung’s new Crystal Amplifier Pro technology, said to deliver accurate sound reproduction and minimal noise interference.

The HT-C6730W is the only 7.1-channel model in the trio. The 1,330-watt system includes a wide center channel speaker, a large subwoofer, two tower speakers and four surround speakers, including the two wireless back-surround speakers.

The 5.1-speaker 800-watt HT-C7530W features wood-grain texture encased in a translucent material, two tall left-right speakers, and two wireless surround speakers. The 5.1-speaker 1,000-watt HT-C6500 features 1GB of embedded memory and a compact design. The HTiBs will ship in the first half at prices that weren’t disclosed.

The company’s first two AVRs, also featuring Crystal Amplifier Pro technology, are the 7.2-channel HW-C700 and 5.1-channel HW-C500, both designed to visually complement the company’s 2010 lineup of Blu-ray players. The C500, for example, was designed to pair with the new BD-C6500 Blu-ray player, the company said.

To simplify purchasing decisions, Samsung will also bundle the two AVRs with home theater speaker packages. The HW-C560S Home Theater System features the 5.1-channel AVR, five speakers, and a subwoofer. The HW-C770S Home Theater System combines the 7.1-channel AVR with a 7.1 speaker system.

Pricing and ship dates were unavailable.