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Samsung Bringing Dolby Atmos Soundbar To 2016 CES

Samsung will go to CES to join the short list of suppliers offering a soundbar equipped with Dolby Atmos object-based surround sound.

Samsung’s HW-K950 soundbar features three forward-facing front-channel drivers in its main chassis as well as two upward-firing Atmos height drivers that reflect sound off the ceiling to deliver height channels. Surround channels are delivered by a pair of Atmos-enabled wireless surround speakers that also incorporate upward-firing drivers, enabling the system to deliver a 5.1.4-channel Atmos soundfield.

A wireless subwoofer is also included. The main soundbar chassis is only 2.1 inches tall.

The soundbar will sit at the top of Samsung’s soundbar line. Pricing and ship dates weren’t disclosed.

Only one other company to date has announced  a Dolby Atmos soundbar, but Yamaha’s $1,699 YSP-5600 soundbar incorporates DTS:X object-based surround as well as Dolby Atmos. In another point of differentiation, Yamaha dispenses with discrete wireless-surround speakers  to embed proprietary multi-driver Digital Sound Projector technology into the YSP-5600’s main chassis. Digital Sound Projector technology beams sound off walls and the ceiling to deliver height and surround effects.