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Samsung 4K Video Ready For Launch

Ridgefield Park, N.J. — Samsung said the 4K Ultra HD video it commissioned actor/director Joseph Gordon-Levitt to direct and produce last fall using its NX1 premium mirrorless compact system camera is ready for launch.

The video, entitled “In A City,” was produced through Gordon-Levitt’s open-collaborative production company, hitRECord, and was shot entirely in 4K Ultra HD on the premium Samsung NX1.

Exclusive unseen footage will be revealed on Dec. 16, with the launch of a behind-the-scenes, untold story video which highlights how the film was made, along with background from Gordon-Levitt on his creative process.

The video depicts diverse perspectives of seven cities from across the globe, all in 4K resolution.

Samsung said Gordon-Levitt and a global team of cinematographers “captured the essence and stories of their home cities, set to the backdrop of a powerful crowd-sourced soundtrack.”

The film is structured around a collaboratively written poem, performed by artists from around the world. It takes the audience on a journey through the crowded markets of Cairo and Rio de Janeiro, the iconic arches of London and Prague, as well as Tokyo’s neon towers, the industrial streets of Sheffield and Los Angeles, Samsung said.

“This emotive short film is testament to both Joseph’s exceptional talents as a director and the outstanding technology within the Samsung NX1,” said Younghee Lee, Samsung Electronics IT and mobile division global marketing executive VP. “The NX1’s advanced features make it ideal for filmmakers in search of a camera with 4K UHD capabilities, to wow their audiences with exceptional beauty and clarity in every shot.”

The Samsung NX1 supports both Cinema 4K and UHD video recording. Its built-in HEVC Codec (H.265) to compress and store video clips without compromising quality, and an Auto Focus System III with 205 Phase Detection AF points to cover the entire imaging area.

‘In a City’ can be found on the Samsung camera Facebook page and the Samsung camera YouTube channel.