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SACD 2.0 Spec Authorizes Denon Link

The SACD 2.0 specification planned by Sony and Philips will include authorization for Denon’s proprietary Denon Link connector to carry SACD content in digital form between an SACD player and a receiver or other device, Denon announced.

“Advance approval of Denon Link for the 2.0 specification means that when products that meet this specification begin to reach the marketplace, which is expected within 12 to 24 months, the Denon Link will be an immediate option for high-quality digital signal transmission capability,” the company said.

Denon already uses its connector to transfer DVD-Audio, DVD-Video soundtracks, PCM and MP3 data in digital form from a disc player to a home theater receiver. A digital connector replaces multiple analog cables that would otherwise ferry multichannel content (once cable per channel) between an SACD player and a surround-sound receiver or processor.

Denon isn’t sure whether its current SACD products, conforming to the SACD 1.3 spec, will be upgradable to allow SACD content over their Denon Link connections. Some Denon products also use an IEEE 1394 connector to transfer DVD-Audio, SACD and other digital audio content between player and receiver. The company will continue to use 1394 to maintain compatibility with other brands, but it said its proprietary connector is better. Denon Link is a “digitally balanced,” high-speed [1.2Gbps], low-voltage connector with high resistance to radiated noise, said marketing manager Jeff Talmadge. On the other hand, “1394 uses packet transmission methods, which can induce clocking error and high jitter, unless products go to more expensive means to prevent this. Note the pricing of A/V receivers with 1394 inputs.”

It wasn’t certain whether the SACD 2.0 spec will allow SACD signals to port over a digital HDMI A/V connector.