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Runco Formally Unveils “New Vidikron”

Runco used the Home Entertainment Expo here to officially unveil the first two projectors under its new Vidikron sales and marketing group.

Both models are compact front projectors based on Texas Instruments Digital Light Processing (DLP) technology.

The entry Vision Model 20 ($5,495 suggested retail price) is based on a new TI chip, which offers the same 12-degree micro mirror tilt angle as the popular HD-2 Mustang chip but with a lower 1,024 by 576 pixel resolution. Brightness is listed at 850 ANSI lumens while contrast is said to be 1,500:1.

The step-up Vision Model 40 ($8,995 suggested) is based on TI’s HD-2 Mustang chip that yields a full 1,280 by 720 pixel HDTV resolution level. Brightness is listed at 950 ANSI lumens while contrast is said to be 1,600:1.

Both models are slated to ship to retailers in July and will employ the Runco/ Vidikron Cat’s Eye optical system for enhanced contrast and black levels, 9-point white balance system, discrete IR and RS-232 controls, DVI-HDCP input and multiple aspect ratios with “IntelliWide Mode.”

Ben Jamison, Runco/Vidikron sales and marketing VP, restated Runco’s policy on Vidikron is to establish distinct marketing and distribution practices from Runco lines. (See TWICE, May 19, p. 25).

Vidikron sales will be directed at custom installers and A/V specialists that have been unable in the past to qualify for Runco products. No dealers will be authorized to carry both lines.

Vidikron products are to be directed at somewhat broader distribution channels and are designed for placement in general living rooms and family rooms, rather than extensive dedicated upscale home theaters.

As a result, cabinet colors on the models 20 and 40 are muted whites and grays that will blend in with typical ceiling and wall colors of day-to-day lifestyle environments.

Vidikron will look to fill out the line with additional products, including flat-panel displays, over the balance of the year.