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Rezence Wireless Charging Spec Amped Up To 50 Watts

Taipei, Taiwan – The Alliance for Wireless Power (A4WP) today confirmed an increase in the capability of the group’s Rezence wireless charging standard to 50 watts.

The increase, first revealed by A4WP member Intel last night at Computex 2014, expands the range of products capable of using Rezence technology to charge multiple devices wirelessly beyond smartphones to include laptops, tablets and other power-hungry consumer electronics.

To support “upcoming rapid product launches,” the publication and upgrade of the existing Baseline System Specification and certification program is expected by the end of 2014, the A4WP said.

In addition, Fujitsu, Hon Hoi (Foxconn), Lenovo, Logitech and Panasonic were announced as new members of the alliance. Member companies now top 100 for the first time.

“The ability to easily wirelessly charge a laptop, smartphone or accessory marks a powerful shift, untangling us from the wires that have become a part of our everyday lives,” said Peter Hortensius, Lenovo’s chief technology officer, in a statement. “In evaluating the different wireless charging technologies, we determined that the A4WP system operating at 6.78MHz best meets our customers’ needs because it delivers the power and convenience necessary to easily charge all your devices.”

An A4WP statement claimed wireless charging technologies operating at frequencies lower than 6.78MHz are subject to technical limitations that make the move to higher power difficult to implement in a manner acceptable to consumers. “While the organizations associated with these technologies are only now discussing the delivery of power in the 10- to 15-watt range, Rezence technology now delivers wireless power solutions in the 1- to 50-watt range that support multi-device charging while preserving freedom of placement in horizontal and vertical dimensions for a true drop and go user experience. The Rezence specification also supports wireless charging of multiple devices with differing power requirements on the same charging surface, a feature unique to magnetic resonance technologies.”

Marcel Stolk, Logitech senior VP, commented: “Logitech makes consumer electronics that span the power gamut, including computer and mobile accessories, gaming and music products. Having a universal wireless charging solution that is both flexible and scalable is important as consumers buy more devices that require charging. Rezence is the logical fit to enable us to deliver a superior customer experience.”

A4WP members including Intel, Broadcom, MediaTek, PowerWow and iCirround are showcasing Rezence-based demonstrations at Computex, which runs through Saturday.