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RCA Ships DVDs For Home, Road

Thomson announced the delivery of a pair of RCA DVD products, including a home-based DVD recorder and a compact portable DVD player.

Both units will be available for national retail distribution, the company said.

The RCA DRC8060N DVD recorder ($299 suggested retail) is presented as a “base station” for recording programs and digital content on DVD+R/+RW discs. The media will play back on most DVD decks, Thomson said. The recorder will also play back discs recorded by other devices on the DVD-R/DVD-RW disc formats.

The recorder is compatible with DVD videos, audio CDs, digital image files and digital music in the MP3 or WMA file formats. The deck will also support discs with videos encoded in the DiVX compression format.

For HDTV owners, the DRC8060N offers up-conversion of video content to either the 1,080i or 720p high-definition image formats, via an included HDMI digital output that supports both video and sound.

Other features in the recorder include the Commercial Advance feature that recognizes commercials recorded from broadcasts and automatically skips over them during playback.

The unit’s Disc Library and Live Preview features enable the storage of a database of up to 600 titles, providing quick access to the disc with the preferred title. The Disc Library searches for the titles, while Live Preview offers a picture in picture playback of highlighted titles in a small window of the disc menu for fast visual confirmation of the selection. The Disc Library feature will also find blank spaces left on discs to fit new recordings.

To simplify the process of making home video dubs onto DVD discs, the recorder adds a front-panel DV-input for connection to digital camcorders. Also added is a front USB input for connection to compatible flash card readers, portable digital audio players or digital cameras.

The RCA DRC620N portable DVD player ($249 suggested retail) is a compact tablet-style portable DVD player with a 7-inch 16-by-9 viewing screen. The player will support most DVD and CD formats including DVD+R/+RW, DVD-R/-RW, Red Book CD and CD/CD-R/ -RW.

Also added is TV Guardian Foul Language Filtering technology, which can be used to mute offensive language from movie dialog.

In addition to home and laptop playback, the DRC620N was designed for mobile applications. The unit features a custom-designed car carrying case that enables the consumer to easily attach the device to the back of a car seat for rear-seat viewing. A car power adapter is included to allow recharging of the unit’s built-in 3-hour Lithium Ion battery on the road.

The unit also features dual headphone jacks that permit two viewers to listen at one time.