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Pure’s Wi-Fi Speakers Add Multiroom Playback Of Any Streaming App

San Francisco – Pure upgraded its Jongo multizone Wi-Fi speaker system to let users stream music from any audio or music service app on their smartphone and tablet to multiple rooms at a time.

Other wireless multizone speakers systems, in contrast, limit music-streaming services to those integrated into their smartphone or tablet controller app, often limiting the third-party app’s functionality, the company said.

The upgrade, available as a software update, leverages Bluetooth to enable the new feature. Consumers stream music via Bluetooth from one of their existing music apps to a single Jongo speaker, which is equipped with both Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. That speaker in turn acts as a master speaker to stream the content via a home’s Wi-Fi network to Jongo speakers in other rooms.

Consumers will be able to use the full and original version of a streaming app, such as Pandora or Spotify, without having to run the company’s Pure Connect controller app for Android and iOS devices, the company said. Consumers would have to use the Pure Connect app only if they want to stream music stored on their mobile device or from a networked computer, set up stereo pairs, or remotely manage balance, bass, treble and volume of individual speakers.

The upgrade also lets consumers distribute audio from any music-streaming service streamed from a Bluetooth-connected laptop.

Like before, the Pure Connect app lets users stream device-stored music via Wi-Fi to one or more Wi-Fi-equipped Jongo speakers. The app also lets users select music stored on a PC or NAS drive for playback on Jongo speakers. The app also accesses 20,000 Internet radio stations, 200,000 free on-demand programs and podcasts, and, for a fee, on-demand access to Pure’s 15 million Cloud-based songs. Likewise, laptops also could previously access the Internet radio stations and subscriptions service.

To enable the new features, users need only tick the Bluetooth Caskeid box in their Pure Connect app or tick a box on a setup page on a PC.

The enhancements are also available from any wireless multizone speaker system incorporating Caskeid technology, which was developed by Pure parent Imagination Technologies. Onkyo is a licensee of the technology, though the company hasn’t made it available in the U.S., as is European brand PEAQ. Caskeid-equipped speakers from different brands are able to interoperate.

Pure’s Wi-Fi- and Bluetooth-equipped Jongo speakers consist of the $149 20-watt T2, $299-everyday 50-watt T4, $349 100-watt T6, and the $199 20-watt S3, a portable AC/DC speaker. Pure also offers a $129 wireless Wi-Fi/Bluetooth adapter for use with existing stereo systems and three tabletop Internet radios with Jongo compatibility.

Separately, Pure announced the availability of its latest line of colored speaker grilles for Jongo speakers at $19. The selection was based on consume research and color-trend reports, the company said.