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Z-Wave Alliance Announces Two New Membership Tiers

Enhanced membership structure provides for greater inclusivity and innovation

The Z-Wave Alliance has announced two new membership level offerings. These new tiers have been created to broaden the organization’s reach, foster innovation, and add new opportunities for membership involvement that support the continued growth and expansion of the Z-Wave Alliance.

New Z-Wave Alliance membership levels include:

  • Individual Academic Member: This level of membership is for individual members of the teaching staff of a college, university, or similar higher education institution.
  • Individual Member: This level of membership is available to any technical professional not employed by an entity eligible for Entity Membership.

“Z-Wave Alliance’s enhanced membership structure and benefits showcase our commitment to inclusivity, innovation, and collaboration,” says Z-Wave Alliance executive director Mitch Klein. “By opening up opportunities to a wider range of professionals, as well as the passionate Z-Wave user base, the entire organization benefits from fresh and diverse perspectives that strengthen professional networks and open the door to innovative ideas that enhance standards development and continue the legacy of Z-Wave.”

Beyond the creation of two new membership levels, the Z-Wave Alliance has expanded participation and chairing benefits and privileges to all members. Members can now join any Committee or Sub-Group and nominate themselves to a leadership position eligible to chair. While nominees from Brander, Affiliate, Installer/Reseller, and the newly created Individual Academic and Individual membership tiers require Board of Directors approval, applicants are encouraged to submit for participation and join in on the action. This dynamic shift aims to break down any perceived barriers and effortlessly empower members to actively shape the organization’s future.

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