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× Partners With Sonance For Design-Driven Invisibility Campaign

The companies have released the first part of their Invisibility series by examining products that are designed to disappear

The and Sonance partnership continues transforming immersive audio experiences thanks to a design-first mindset. Living spaces have never been as connected thanks to Josh Nano leveraging a room’s in-ceiling or in-wall speakers to provide its feedback. Originating from Josh Core’s VoiceLink outputs and disseminated through Sonance DSP amplifiers,’s responses to voice commands are distributed throughout every area of the smart home.

Beyond VoiceLink, Sonance’s integration with offers a range of control functionality. Users are able to switch inputs, control volume levels, distribute a single source to play across multiple zones, and route multiple sources across multiple zones. This level of control is available verbally with Josh Micro and Josh Nano, as well as manually through the app.

For example, a user can give a command like, “OK Josh, play Mozart in the living room, foyer, and entryway and turn it to 35 percent.” will not only confirm it’s executing the request via the room’s speakers where the command was given, but it will handle the search and routing of the music, and directly adjust the volume on the Sonance DSP amplifier as well.

With a shared vision of blending technology into its surroundings, the companies have created an education campaign that explores the nuances of system and architectural design. Learn how’s contextual voice control and Sonance’s Invisible Series speakers pair to provide the design-build community with an uncompromising solution.

Alex Capecelatro, CEO, and Mike Cleary, director of marketing at Sonance, kick off the Invisibility campaign by discussing the trends they’re seeing in the industry’s most innovative properties and the inspiration behind Josh Nano in the video below.

Stay tuned for the next part of the series in the coming weeks. Capecelatro and Cleary will be headed to the first showroom showcasing Josh Nano to hear one of the industry’s leading dealer’s perspectives on the convergence of technology and design.

For more information, visit and Dealers interested in adding’s voice control can learn more at

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