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Hubble Connected Introduces New Line Of Smart Nursery Products

Next Generation of Advanced "Connected Nursery" Products; Now Launching in the U.S. During "Baby Safety Month"


Hubble Connected, creators of the “connected nursery,” has introduced new products engineered to protect, sooth, and help monitor a baby’s well-being at all times.

The HubbleClub App is the Center of the Hubble Connected Ecosystem
The free HubbleClub app (available on iOS and Android) innovates the Smart Nursery experience by providing one simple location to access all of Hubble Connected’s smart products. The App includes tools to help parents care, entertain, educate, and stay connected to their child anytime, anywhere. It delivers valuable insights into the baby’s growth, development, sleep, routines, nutrition, and well-being. Users can customize and control their experience from the palm of their hands.

These next generation products are all supported by Hubble Connected’s trademark feature ConnectChat™ that allows for two-way communication between parent and child as they grow.

Hubble Connected’s Next Generation of Products for Today’s Smart Nursery

The Hubble Connected Nursery Pal Dual Vision ($229) is a smart HD baby monitor made up of a 5-inch screen parent unit and a patent-pending dual lens camera for the baby’s room. The camera simultaneously provides close-up and wide-angle viewing, along with AI Motion Tracking. The wide-angle lens provides a view of the nursery, and the close-up lens provides a zoomed-in view. Parents can remotely control the close-up camera with the parent unit and the HubbleClub app. The AI Motion Tracking can automatically follow the child’s movements by panning and tilting the bottom camera, so parents can keep an eye on their little one. Available at Buy Buy Baby, Walmart and Best Buy in stores and online, Babylist,, and additional specialty baby stores.

The Hubble Connected Guardian ($149) family models are the ultimate custodian of a baby’s well-being, featuring a soft wearable strap with a sensor and a Base Station. The sensor wraps gently and comfortably around the baby’s ankle and helps parents track sleep quality indicators such as heart rate, oxygen levels and child’s sleep status. The Guardian+ communicates to the Base and the HubbleClub App. The Base also serves as an audio monitor and smart soother. It includes a nightlight and speaker that streams hundreds of sleep sounds to create bedtime and rise to wake routines. Launching exclusively at Walmart and and The Guardian family also includes the Guardian Cam ($199), which features everything in Guardian, plus a high-definition smart camera, and the Guardian Pro ($299), that includes a 5-inch touch screen parent unit — the first in the movement monitoring category.  Guardian Cam and Pro are launching exclusively at Buy Buy Baby and

The Hubble Connected Eclipse ($59) and Eclipse+ ($79) are smart soothers and Wi-Fi audio monitors. Each model comes equipped with a multi-color night light, preloaded lullabies, plus hundreds of expert-curated soothing sounds and bedtime stories available in the HubbleClub app. The Eclipse+ includes a wireless charging base so it can be moved room to room. It also includes a digital clock and ConnectChat communication. Available at Walmart and Walmart.comBuy Buy Baby, Babylist, Best Buy, and additional specialty baby stores.

Hubble Connected Elevates Baby Tech with Modern Industrial Design Finish
In addition to the advanced engineering in the technology, Hubble Connected’s award-winning European industrial design team focused on the aesthetics of the products. Each new product features a unique design that is both elegant and functional. To ensure a cohesive look for the Hubble Connected ecosystem, all the products feature a distinctive unique mesh textile finish.


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