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Google Home Speakers Have Bluetooth Issue, Google Admits

Is your speaker always losing its connection?

Google Home speakers do have an issue with their Bluetooth connection, Google has finally admitted. Customers have been complaining of the fault for more than a year, Android Police reports.

The issue occurs when you connect to a Home speaker over Bluetooth. Those affected say their speakers disconnect after a few minutes of playing music. In order to start playing again, you have to manually reconnect the device over Bluetooth.

There’s no set time after which the issue occurs – some report it after just a minute or so, while some have as much as 15 minutes’ uninterrupted streaming before the sound drops out.

Despite the issue being reported as long ago as 2018, Google only recently admitted to it. The Google Nest account recently tweeted:

The problem can also present itself when streaming from a Google Home to another speaker over Bluetooth. Playback over wi-fi or Chromecast doesn’t appear to be affected.

The issue affects the standard Google Home smart speaker as well as the Home Mini.

Let’s hope Google has bubbled it up high enough and issues a fix soon.

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