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CES 2022: Abode Announces Video Doorbell And Full-Color Smart Bulbs

Low-cost smart solutions offer a gateway for client upgrades

Abode has added two new, feature-rich smart home and security solutions — the Abode Wireless Video Doorbell and Abode Color Bulbs — into the rapidly expanding Abode ecosystem.

Abode Wireless Video Doorbell

The new video solution from Abode joins the Abode Cam 2 and includes many of the same features and benefits. The Abode Wireless Video Doorbell is a battery-powered doorbell camera featuring a wire-free installation process that can be completed in minutes. The compact, Wi-Fi enabled, HD 2K video doorbell camera features an IP65-rated weatherproof housing and mounts directly and securely to the door via the included, lockable installation bracket.

Once mounted, the Abode video doorbell can be leveraged for live-view and two-way communication with anyone at the door and has a tactile push-button for standard arrival notification. When upgraded with an Abode Standard or Pro plan, the wireless video doorbell is capable of recording video clips to the cloud if motion or a person is detected, or record a short video clip when the doorbell is pushed.

The Abode Wireless Video Doorbell will synchronize with the companion Abode Chime. The doorbell camera and chime operate, in tandem, to create a dedicated wireless network connection for direct device-to-device communication. This mitigates connectivity issues and reduces interference caused by other wireless devices, ensuring more reliable video performance.

Designed to operate in extremely low light conditions, the Abode Wireless Video Doorbell includes a built-in Starlight sensor that enables full-color night vision capabilities. Beyond standard motion detection, the doorbell camera supports Abode Smart Detect, a video performance specification that notifies users if a person is detected. Package and pet detection will also be supported in future updates.

Abode Color Bulbs

The all-new Abode Color Bulbs offer full-color RGB smart lighting for the Abode home. Users looking to brighten up their smart home or add a pop of color for décor personalization can deploy and control the Abode Color Bulbs with no hub required.

The 800-lumen, Wi-Fi enabled smart bulbs can be set up in minutes and only require a smartphone running the Abode app. A Bluetooth LE connection between the bulb and a smartphone enables reliable pairing and set up. From there, operation is handled via Wi-Fi and controlled using a smartphone.

The full-color RGB bulbs are dimmable, feature a 90+ color rendering index, and have a wide color index range that can be tuned from warm white [1800K] to cool daylight [6500K] to unlock personalization and customization when it comes to lighting within the smart home.

To unlock even greater control and automation capabilities, users can upgrade to an Abode Standard or Pro Plan to use Abode CUE — the automation engine that enables the creation, definition, and execution of advanced smart home and security automations.

The two new Abode devices offer customers standalone solutions controlled via the Abode app — for iOS and Android — or integration with a full-featured Abode smart home security system. This provides a straightforward smart home security starting point and empowers users to add to their system over time, depending on their needs.

For enhanced connectivity and control, the Abode Wireless Video Doorbell solution and Abode Color Bulbs also feature out-of-the-box support for Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. Users can view a live video stream from their Abode doorbell on an Echo Show or Google Assistant display or control their Abode Color Bulbs via a simple voice command.

The Abode Wireless Video Doorbell is expected to ship in April 2022 with an MSRP of $79.99. For more information, click here.

The Abode Color Bulbs are available now and ships as a two-pack with an MSRP of $29.99. For more information, click here.

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