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Polk, DefTech Launch Wireless Speaker Campaign

Baltimore — Sound United launched a multimillion-dollar campaign to promote the first wireless multiroom-audio speakers from audio brands Polk and Definitive Technology.

The campaign stresses the two brand’s legacies in audio design and engineering expertise and the convenience and sound quality of the brands’ first wireless multiroom speakers. The campaign lasts for 10 weeks and consists of online video ads, Internet radio ads, and out-of-home ads, plus additional local consumer promotion via retail and other consumer events.

Sixty-second video ads will appear on the Polk and DefTech web sites, and 30-second versions will appear other sites.

Definitive Technology’s campaign theme, “What Obsession Sounds Like,” is designed to demonstrate the brand’s pursuit of “flawless, uncompromising and superior music” through its wireless music system. The campaign includes appearances by DefTech brand ambassador John Legend in online video ads, including one in which he appears live in different rooms of a house to demonstrate speakers that deliver life-like sound.

Polk’s “Festivals” campaign expands on the brand’s passion for music and shows how Polk can transform a home into “the ultimate music festival,” the company said.

Also as part of the campaign, Polk and Definitive Technology created dedicated landing pages on their websites for consumers to view videos, learn more about system features, and stay up to date on developments in the product category. On its site, Polk also created a “digital concert poster generator” that consumers can use to create customized home music-festival promotional materials. Consumers can upload personal photos from social media, create personalized messages, and choose color palettes and visual styles. A poster contest launches later in the fall.

The campaign will be supported by launch partners Magnolia, Amazon and Crutchfield.

Sound United shipped its Polk and DefTech PlayFi-based speakers in early October.