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Plenty Of Docks Flock To Vegas

Here’s a sampling of new iPod-docking speakers systems that CE companies are introducing here at CES, along with select iPod-docking mini and micro stereo systems:

Acoustic Research: The next-generation AR-brand iPod/iPhone-docking tabletop radios from Audiovox feature two-way stereo speakers and integrated carrying handles, rectractable iPod/iPhone drawer, and front-panel soft-touch keys. The ARS1i and ARS2i both feature AM/FM radio. Dome tweeters accompany 2.5-inch woofers. The ARS2i adds built-in rechargeable battery for mobility. Both models will ship in the first half. Pricing was unavailable at press time.

Altec Lansing: The $79-suggested iMT320 replaces another $79 model but adds Works With iPhone certification. It features AC/DC operation, two 2-inch drivers with front-firing ports to deepen bass, and on-board controls. It runs on three AA batteries. It lacks remote or FM tuner.

iHome: The SDI Technologies brand has an app for that. The $99-suggested iA5 docking clock radio docks with most iPod models, but when using with an iPhone or iPod Touch, users can download a free iHome app to get additional features. The features include the display of local weather forecasts, additional alarm tones, tracking of sleep statistics, alerting Twitter and Facebook friends to when you wake up and go to sleep, multiple EQ settings, and a time-sync feature to sync the device’s time with the iPhone/iPod clock’s time.

The single-chassis mono device features adjustable sleep/wake volumes, large LCD display, single micro driver, line-in jack, and bass and treble controls. It ships in early 2010 with Works With iPhone certification.

Another new product, the $169-suggested iP49, is the brand’s first portable iPod/iPhone dock to include Bongiovi DPS digital processing technology to enhance the sound of compressed music. The first consumer product with the technology was the $299-suggested iHome’s iP1, released in the summer of 2009.

The iP49, due in the spring, is a travel alarm clock speaker, which folds flat like a laptop and features FM, NXT’s flat-panel speaker technology, 20-watt output, line-in jack, internal rechargeable lithium-ion battery, and battery backup to ensure alarm wakeup times.

Another product, the $149-suggested iP88, is the company’s first dual-dock clock radio. It charges iPhones and iPods and features AM/FM, EQ controls and ability to wake to different playlists on different days.

iLive: The DPI brand is launching 33 new home and portable docking products here at CES, including an expanded selection of Works With iPhone products, more docking sound bars, and the brand’s first docking DVD players.

Twenty-three of the 33 products are Works With iPhone-certified, including the brand’s first iPhone-certified one-piece and three-piece microsystems with CD player and first iPhone-certified portable speaker systems. The brand is also expanding its selection of iPhone-certified docking sound bars and iPhone-certified clock radios.

The new selection also includes the brand’s first docking tabletop Internet radio, which is iPhone-certified, and its first DVD-equipped docking micro system.

Select products include the latest Made for iPod AC/DC boombox, the iB280B. It features a recessed dock, cylindrical shape, AM/FM radio, line input, basic iPod controls, and operation from 8 C batteries.

(See the TWICE CES Daily for more details.)

Naxa Electronics: The NI3205 CD portable stereo with certified iPod dock is an AC/DC model that incorporates AM/FM stereo radio, auxiliary input jack, full function remote control, operates on AC and DC battery power. It ships at the end of January at a suggested retail $49.99

Panasonic: The company plans January availability of the arch-shaped $129-suggested SC-SP100, a 2.1 tabletop speaker dock that’s certified as Works With iPhone. It features downfiring woofer with dual passive radiators to deliver bass. Music can be synced from a PC to an iPod or iPhone while the devices are docked when users connect the dock via USB cable to a PC.

The amp is rated at 20 watts RMS, and the speaker complement consists of two 1.5-inch full-range cone speakers, 2.5-inch downfiring cone woofer, and the dual passive radiators.

It follows the December shipment of the $299-suggested MW-10 one-piece tabletop audio system with iPod dock, AM/FM tuner, CD player, and integrated digital photo frame with 9-inch WVGA LCD display. The dock is embedded on the back of the chassis.

It comes with 4GB of embedded memory and an SD Card slot can display photos from a CD, SD Memory Card and internal memory.

Philips Consumer Lifestyle: A portable AC/DC speaker dock, also iPhone-certified, is the $99.99-suggested SBD7500which delivers 8 hours of playback on its rechargeable batteries. A cable is included to connect other-brand MP3 players.

RCA by Alco: Two speakers systems, marketed by Alco Electronics, feature a rotating chamber in which an iPod Touch or iPhone is docked. The design lets users twist the portable devices to landscape mode for viewing stored and streamed video as well as graphics associated with stored music and Internet-radio apps.

The AC-only RS3081i features FM tuner, tray-load CD, 2×10-watt amp, and two-way stereo speakers at a street price of less than $100. The portable AC/DC Ri3800, called a boombox, features stereo FM tuner and operates off six C batteries at less than $60. They ship in the first quarter.

RCA clock radios by Audiovox: First-half shipment is planned for a trio of RCA-branded iPod/iPhone-docking clock radios with AM/FM, dual alarms, and auto time. Additional details were unavailable.

Sharp: Three new minicomponent and two new microcomponent stereo systems feature AM/FM/CD playback, separate speakers and iPod dock. They also play MP3/WMA CDs and music from connected USB sticks. Power outputs range from 100 to 350 watts total. Suggested retails range from $169.99 to $279.99, and staggered ship dates range from January through March.

The systems are not certified as Works With iPhone, but iPod-docking speakers launched in 2009 are.