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Pioneer Expands Headphones Offering


Pioneer Electronics went
heavy on the headphones in April, launching a multitude
of models. The new products included
a model that lets users adjust bass on
the fly.

The Steez line of headphones is said
to be inspired by the DJ and dance
scene. Three models make up the
line: 808 (SE-MJ7511), Effects (SEMJ7211)
and Dubstep (SE-D10MT).

The 808 model features two sets
of drivers: 40mm and 30mm. The ear
cups have a dial that users can turn
to minimize and maximize the amount
of bass they want. Other features include
plush ear pads, in-line Made for
iPhone mic and controls, and a detachable

Frequency range is listed at 8Hz to
28kHz, with a sensitivity of 104 dB
and impedance of 16 ohms.

They will be available in May for a
$129 suggested retail.

The Effects headphones ($69.99,
May) come in four colors (black,
white, red and brown) and have
40mm drivers and in-line mics. Frequency range is listed
at 6Hz to 28kHz, with a sensitivity of 104 dB and impedance of 32 ohms.

The Dubstep headphones ($99.99, currently available)
feature a DJ-style design with
swiveling ear cups. Black or white
versions are offered, both of which
have swappable ear pads. The black
model comes with green and orange
ear pads, while the white model has
blue and pink.

They too have 40mm drivers and the
in-line mic and controls. Frequency
range is listed at 8Hz to 28kHz, with a
sensitivity of 105 dB and impedance of
32 ohms.

Separately announced were two highend
models, the flagship SE-MJ591 and
the noise-canceling SE-NC21M.

The SE-MJ591 ($299, April) features
40mm drivers, a foldable on-ear design
with aluminum-alloy components and
memory foam ear pads, and a detachable
cord. A hard carrying case is included.
Frequency response is listed
at 5Hz to 40kHz, with a sensitivity of
108 dB and impedance of 32 ohms.

Model SE-NC21M (May, $119) uses
a AAA battery to provide active noise cancellation. Battery
life is said to be 120 hours, and the headphones will
continue to operate when it dies.

Features include 30mm drivers, a foldable design, and
an included carrying case. Frequency range is listed at
10Hz to 22kHz, with a sensitivity of 92 dB and impedance
of 145 ohms when the active noise-canceling technology
is turned on. When it’s turned off, sensitivity is 95 dB and
impedance is 44 ohms.

Finally, Pioneer took the wraps off a pair of DJ-style
headphones earlier this month that are geared toward the
pro market.

The over-ear HDJ-1500 (May, $209) feature 50mm drivers
and copper-clad aluminum wire voice coils, a frequency
range of 5Hz to 30kHz, impedance of 32 ohms, and a
maximum input of 3,500mW.

The leather-covered ear pads are made of urethane
memory-foam, and they can swapped with Pioneer’s HDJEP01
open-cup protein leather ear pads that sit around
the ears. Both the left and the right cups can swivel 45 degrees
or flipped around 180 degrees for one-ear listening.

The headband and hinges are made of magnesium alloy,
and the coil cord can be removed and replaced if

Two color options are offered: Deep Silver and Black
Chrome. A carrying pouch is included.