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Pioneer Closes LD Chapter

Pioneer closed a major chapter in its history book with the announcement that its U.S. software arm, Pioneer Entertainment, has discontinued marketing titles on laserdisc and now offers pre-recorded programming only in the DVD and VHS formats.

Pioneer said that the ongoing business now accounts for more than 90% of its software business, and with more than 20 new DVD and VHS titles being introduced each month, it has totally replaced its laserdisc business. The change leaves Image Entertainment as the only remaining source for laserdiscs, and indications are Image too may discontinue the fading format in favor of focusing on its growing DVD business.

Pioneer, which almost single-handedly kept the laserdisc format going over the past two decades, continues to support laserdisc in the United States through the sale of DVD/LD combination players and custom disc replication for other software distributors.