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Pinnacle Introduces ‘Edition’ Editing Software

Pinnacle Systems unveiled its latest video editing suite called the Pinnacle Edition Creative Collection, which targets advanced home level users and prosumers.

Pinnacle said the planned Pinnacle Edition family of editing packages will target corporate/event video professionals, educators and hobbyists who wish to graduate from its Pinnacle Studio editing programs to a system capable of more advanced productions.

Unlike earlier Pinnacle prosumer editing bundles, the new package is based on Pinnacle-developed advanced-level video editing software, called Pinnacle Edition, which the company said outperforms Adobe Premiere and Apple Final Cut, the established leaders in that market segment.

In fact, Pinnacle has been one of Adobe’s largest OEM customers for Premiere (the leader in PC-based prosumer editing software), having bundled it in prosumer video editing suites for several years.

The heart of the package is the Pinnacle Edition video editing software, which is based on a program originally developed by Fast — the German-based professional video editing software developer that Pinnacle acquired last year. The software is said to provide a wider range of creative control in both video and audio editing than other established programs, while the bundle will provide “an affordable and complete solution that merges professional editing and DVD authoring capabilities” in a single production package.

Other programs in the suite include, Commotion, Hollywood FX, which offers a wide assortment of Hollywood-style special effects and TitleDeko RT, the acclaimed video titling software. For a limited time, the company is also including its Premiere DVD-Pro version 2.2 advanced DVD authoring program, which accepts a video timeline in MPEG 2 format from the Pinnacle Edition software for professional quality DVD copies. Users can also quickly burn less sophisticated play-at-once DVDs or SVCDs directly from Pinnacle Edition timeline.

As this went to press, Pinnacle was still determining the various bundles and price points that will be based on the Pinnacle Edition Creative Collection software. One package planned for a July 15 release is Pinnacle Edition DV, which will combine the software suite with a 1394 add-in board for a $699 suggested retail price. Pinnacle will also offer an upgrade version for $299 for owners of the former FastStudioDV 3 software.

Distribution will focus on retailers with a broad standard-to-prosumer customer base, including Fry’s, B&H and stores serviced by the Igram distributorship.

Pinnacle estimates the prosumer video editing market stands at about $50 to $60 million, “in solutions that are sold specifically around software-based applications. We think that easily we can get to a $10 million to $20 million run rate on this application and take a big chunk out of what Adobe is doing in this market,” said Sean Safreed, Pinnacle senior product manager.

Meanwhile, Pinnacle will continue to offer editing bundles that include Adobe Premiere “for as long as the market demands it,” Safreed said. “But we think that by having our own focus and our own app, that we are going to take a large slice of that market for ourselves.”

Pinnacle will offer an online demonstration of the Pinnacle Edition at its Web site, and also plans to produce demo disks for distribution to retailers. Minimum system requirements include a single Pentium III or AMD Athlon 700MHz processor, 256 MB of RAM, Windows 2000 or XP, graphics card and SVGA monitor and a separate AV-rated hard drive.