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Philips Sound Cards To Debut

Philips Electronics sound solutions division will introduce a new PC sound card and an external digital sound system at CES this week.

The PSC724 Ultimate Edge sound card, which is expected to ship during the middle of the first quarter with a $69.99 suggested retail price, is a 24-bit PCI card capable of generating 5.1 channel surround sound. Scott McNeese, manager of Philips sound solutions, North America, said the PSC724 differs from other 24-bit cards is it using 32-bit floating point processing. This guarantees that 24-bit quality is maintained during the DSP process.

“Other cards are just 24-bit pass-through, but their DSP capability is usually at 16-bit,” McNeese said.

Another feature is the card’s ability to create 5.1-surround sound out of a stereo signal.

The second product is the DGX220. This is a combination external speaker set and sound card. The sound card is embedded in the speaker allowing the consumer to instantly upgrade their PCs audio capability without opening up the case. It will ship in March with a $39.99 suggested retail price.