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Philips Adds First 4K UHD TV Lines

LAS VEGAS – Philips HD is using International CES to unveil its first offerings for the U.S. in 4K Ultra HD TVs under P&F USA this year, including a pair of models using its unique laser backlighting technology.

The company will show two 4K Ultra HD TV lines under the iconic Philips brand, including one line based on a new laser LED backlighting technology that is said to produce a wider color gamut and richer, more natural colors, especially in the red spectrum.

The backlighting system was developed by P&F USA parent Funai and uses a cyan-colored LED light (instead of the typical pure white), which emits almost no red light spectrum and produces better color balance between blue and green pixels. The cyan LED is then supplemented with laser lighting to produce more vibrant and natural red tones.

“Using laser technology we can enhance the color palette that the TV can reproduce,” said Karl Bearnarth, P&F USA marketing and home audio VP.

The two 4K Ultra HD smart laser LED TVs are part of the Philips 8900 series that is scheduled for May deliveries and will be offered in the 58- ($2,999 suggested retail) and 65-inch ($3,499) screen sizes.

The sets will also incorporate a high-fidelity 60-watt sound system with narrow speakers running from top to bottom on each side of the screen.

Bearnarth said the sets also offer 240Hz refresh rates for smooth natural colors of fast-moving subjects, Philips’ smart-TV platform handling 4K streaming from Netflix and YouTube with both HEVC H.265 and VP9 codec compatibility, and integrated MIMO dual-band Wi-Fi connectivity.

Following in June will be the Philips 6900 series in the 65-inch ($1,699), 55- and 50-inch 4K Ultra HD screen sizes. Those models will offer conventional white LED backlighting, smart connected 4K streaming (HEVC and VP9), HDMI 2.0, HDCP 2.2, Miracast and a 240Hz refresh rate.

P&F is also planning to offer a pair of curved LED LCD Ultra HD TVs in the 9900 series, including the 78- ($4,999) and 65-inch ($3,999) screen sizes. Both models are scheduled to ship in the fall and will include HDMI 2.0, HDCP 2.2, HEVC and VP9 decoding, smart-TV platform with 4K Netflix and connectivity, Miracast and 240Hz refresh rates.

In FullHD 1080p, P&F will also offer later this month two series – 4609 and 4909 – of Philips-branded LED LCD TVs, both offering the company’s smart-TV platform, 120Hz refresh rates, narrow bezel designs, and wireless Connect (PC/Mac screen mirroring) in the 28- ($249 and $269), 32- ($289 and $299), 40- ($379 and $399), 43- ($429 and $499), 49- ($569 and $589), and 55-inch ($679 and $699) screen sizes. The 4909 series will also include 50- ($599) and 65-inch ($1,699) models. The 65-inch 4909 model will step up to a 240Hz refresh rate.