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Phiaton Adds Next-Gen Bluetooth/NFC Earphones

IRVINE, CALIF. — Phiaton recently announced its next-generation Bluetooth earphones.

Designed for music listeners, the BT 220 NC use Bluetooth 4.0 and active noise-cancellation technology, which blocks out ambient background noise. The earphones have a wireless range of 33 feet and can play music for 16 hours, according to the company. By utilizing NFC technology, users can simply tap their phone to the earphone to connect.

Other features include AptX technology, designed to increase digital streaming efficiency; multi-point connection, which allows users to connect two Bluetooth devices at the same time; and Clear-Voice-Capture, which reportedly enhances clarity of phone calls.

The earphones come with a protective soft pouch, five sets of ear tips, a neck strap and an audio cable. The BT 220 NC will be available in gray for $179 later this month.