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Paradigm Revamps Custom Speaker Lines

Toronto, Canada – Paradigm revamped its entire custom-install speaker selection, launching three new lines to expand the number of bezel-less models and deliver improved performance and power handling, the company announced.

The company also pared back the selection of models in the CI Pro and CI Elite series compared to their predecessors to simplify the lines, a spokesperson added. The CI Home SKU count is unchanged.

All 18 in-wall and in-ceiling speakers in the three series are bezel-less, whereas only one of the three predecessor series featured bezel-less speakers, a spokesperson said. All of the speakers are Paradigm’s first custom speakers with micro-perf grilles. Price points are slightly higher than their predecessors but with higher performance to match, a spokesperson added.

In addition, “with many price points and matching aesthetics, we are allowing the customer to mix-and-match models to fit any budget,” said brand manager Zoltan Balla.

Here’s what the three new series offer:

CI Home: The series replaces the CS series and features bezel-free, magnetically-attached micro-perf grilles, pure-titanium dome (PTD) tweeters with Ferro-fluid damping, mineral-filled polypropylene bass/midrange cones, rigid ABS clamps to reduce installation time, and pocketed screw holes to help installers hold a drill steady. The suggested retails of five round in-ceiling models range from $199 to $329 each, and three in-wall rectangular models range from $199 to $329 each.

CI Pro series: It replaces the AMS series and steps up sound quality from the Home series. It also features bezel-free design with micro-perf grilles held in place by magnets. A square grille option is available for most round in-ceiling models.

They also feature a new X-PAL tweeter with exclusive perforated phase-aligning (PPA) tweeter lens to protect the pure-aluminum dome tweeter and act as a phase plug, which blocks out-of-phase frequencies for smoother and thus extends high frequencies with higher output.

The tweeters are cooled by a patent-pending RED die-cast aluminum housing and Ferro fluid.

A mineral-filled polypropylene woofer features patented active ridge technology (ART) surrounds that are overmolded directly onto each cone to deliver greater excursion, yielding a 3dB gain in output compared to drivers with standard surrounds, the company said.

Rear shielding is new to protect internal parts from debris.

The speakers also features die-cast aluminum chassis and clamps, and the in-wall models add die-cast aluminum baffles to add strength and rigidity for better bass and midrange, the company said.

They also feature pocketed screw holes.

Four round in-ceiling models range in price from $279 each to $499 each. Two in-wall rectangular models are priced at $379 to $479 each.

CI Elite series: These speakers feature all of the technologies and grille aesthetics of CI Pro but add oversized voice coils and X-PAL pure-aluminum woofer cones, which combine light weight and stiffness to deliver greater accuracy and a “smooth, uncolored frequency response,” the company said. The woofers also feature long-excursion, high-power 1.5-inch voice coil motors for greater power handling and reduced power compression.

Three round in-ceiling models are priced from $479 to $699 each. And one in-wall model is priced at $679 each.