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Panasonic To Ship Replay In April

Having run television spots for the product during the recent Academy Awards telecasts, Panasonic formally announced pricing and shipping plans on two Replay hard disc digital recorders which will sell under the name “ShowStopper.”

The ShowStopper (PV-HS1000) has a hard disc recording capacity of up to 20 hours and will sell for a $599.99 suggested retail price. The ShowStopper PV-HS2000 offers up to 30 hours of recording time and will carry a $699.95 suggested retail price. Both recorders will ship this month.

Unlike the competitive TiVo personal video recorders marketed by Philips and soon Sony, the Replay recorders do not require a service fee for its electronic program guide. However, the Replay boxes are priced a little higher than the average TiVo recorder, and they do not have an intuitive automatic recording function, as the TiVo devices do.