Panasonic Goes All DECT With Phone Line

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Panasonic will begin shipping this month its 2009 cordless phone lineup, spanning four series of DECT 6.0 models for homes and home offices.

Exclusive features across the lines include: Choice Mail, a quick view and retrieve option for hearing specific voicemails; Talking Caller ID, which can also be used for voice memos and includes an alarm clock function; Call Block, which returns a busy signal to anyone on a user's designated Call Block list; and a silent mode on all handsets.

The top-of-the-line 9300 series includes the two-line KX-TG9392T with corded handset base and a 40-minute digital voicemail cache. It is bundled with one or two cordless handsets for a suggested $249 and $179, respectively.

The one-line KX-TG9344T offers four-way conference capability, handset intercom and a cordless base unit with digital answering system, keypad and speakerphone. It comes in bundles with three or four handsets for $99 and $129, respectively. A step-down model with no keypad on the base is offered at $69 with three handsets and $79 with four.

New to Panasonic's 7400 series is the KX-TG7434B, a cordless base unit with Choice Mail answering system controlled by an up-sized 2.1-inch LCD screen. It offers four-way conferencing and is bundled with from one to four handsets with suggested retail prices from $69 to $149.

Panasonic is positioning it 6400 series as a solution for busy homes. The KX-TG6445T comes bundled with up to five handsets and features a handset-to-base intercom function, four-way conferencing, speakerphones in the handsets and bases. The cordless base unit has a digital answering system, dial keypad and a light-up indicator with ringer/charge alert. Bundles range from one to five handsets from $69 to $159.

Two step-down models that eliminate the speakerphone and intercom functions from the bases are available in bundles ranging $39 to $119.

Finally, two models have been added to the company's 1000 series of handset/ speakerphone base units.

The corded-base KX-TG1062M works during power outages and features a digital answering system, three-way conferencing, and base and handset speakerphone functionality. The one- and two-handset bundles are $79 and $99, respectively. The KX-TG1034S has a cordless base unit and ranges from $39 to $99.


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