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Panasonic Adds New 65”, 85” Ultra HD TVs

Newark, N.J. — Panasonic’s second-generation Ultra HD LCD TV models in the AX900 and AX850 series — which offer some of its largest screen sizes to date — go on sale next month from Panasonic’s direct online shop and Best Buy stores, the company said.

The 65-inch TC-65AX900 and 85-inch TC-85AX850 4K Ultra HD LED LCD TVs will be featured at

The company said street pricing and overall availability will be announced later, although they are expected to carry suggested retails of $7,000 and $14,000, respectively.

The TC-65AX900 and  TC-85AX850 4K Ultra HD LED LCD TVs are equipped with next-generation picture-quality technologies delivering accurate, rich and robust blacks with fine detail retention; accurate color reproduction; and picture illumination adjusted to match the environment in which it is being viewed.

The AX900 uses a direct LED backlighting system with full-array local dimming complemented with Panasonic’s Local Dimming Ultra technologies, designed to remove the halo effect found in some competitor’s local dimming technologies.

The AX900 analyzes the incoming video signal using five-by-five matrices instead of the typical three-by-three and adjusts the brightness level of each individual field by extremely fine degrees (i.e. not just on/off), for smooth motion of bright objects, a high contrast ratio, deep, rich blacks and extremely fine gradation.

Both the AX900 and AX850 were engineered with the input of Panasonic Hollywood Laboratories in Los Angeles to ensure that colors are reproduced exactly as the directors intend.

The sets employ Panasonic color management technologies, which allow calibration of color reproduction at extremely fine brightness steps.

The AX900 and AX850 are THX 4K Certified, assuring image quality and consistency.

Other features in the sets include four 4K60p-supporting HDMI terminals and one DisplayPort, allowing simultaneous connection of a 4K-compatible home cinema, a set-top box, a PC and more; HDCP2.2 copyright protection with H.265 (HEVC) decoder; Premium Furniture Design concept; a quad-core Pro5 super-high speed processor to accelerate Panasonic’s “Beyond Smart” feature set; a My Stream function that learns users’ preferences and displays a list of content recommendations; and an Info Bar that quickly displays new and useful information without even requiring the user to turn on the TV, due to a proximity sensor coupled with face recognition.