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Outlaw Audio’s Product Roundup To Grow In Summer

Outlaw Audio’s stable of audio products will expand during the summer to include the company’s highest-priced preamp/processor to date, the company’s first two-channel receiver, and a surround receiver that marks Outlaw’s return to the category after a year-long absence.

The six-year-old audio company sells exclusively through the Internet and only to consumers, claiming its distribution model reduces consumer prices by an average of 60 percent.

First out of the corral will be the Model 990 preamp processor, due in May at an introductory $1,099, which replaces the 950, originally sold at $899 and no longer in production. The 7.1-channel 990 adds DVI switching; software upgrades; balanced audio outputs; RS-232; a USB port to play PCM audio from a connected PC; phono input; Dolby Pro Logic IIx processing; and automatic set up of speaker distance, level and size, said sales director Scott Jackson. It also adds 100MHz component-video inputs, transcoding of composite and S-video to component and back, second-zone A/V output, Dolby Virtual Speaker and Dolby Headphone.

The company’s first two-channel receiver is going into beta testing and will be the industry’s first two-channel receiver with built-in bass management via an electronic crossover. The receiver is rated at 2×90 watts into 8 ohms, is stable to 2 ohms, and features phono input and USB port. It’s due at the end of June or end of July at $599.

The surround receiver, the 1070, will likely go into production by the end of June. The 7×65-watt model will replace a six-channel model discontinued about a year ago and will add DVI switching, software upgradability, RS-232, DPL IIx, DTS ES and A/V sync delay.

Also in the works: a new powered subwoofer that will join an existing model. The new LFM2, likely available by the end of June, will be the opening-price model at $299 with 8-inch woofer and 150-watt output. It will join the $579 LFM1 325-watt 12-inch model.

Outlaw also offers a selection of amplifiers.