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Orb Offers Internet Access To Home Media Content

Orb Networks has developed a Web-based service allowing consumers to access their home media content, including live TV, from any Internet connected device.

Orb’s Personal Media Portal requires a Windows Media Center-equipped PC, broadband connection and a portable Internet-connected device like a PDA, cellphone, or notebook computer. The service, which is $9.99 per month or $79.99 per year, connects through a password-protected Web site back to the person’s home computer. From here, live and DVR-stored TV programming can be viewed and access gained to all the additional media content stored on the computer.

“Consumers can watch live TV on their laptop while at a Wi-Fi café, schedule a DVR recording through their PDA, or even listen to music on their cellphone while jogging, biking or shopping,” said James Behrens, Orb’s CEO.