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Optoma Adds 2 SSI-Based Projectors


Optoma recently unveiled a pair of EcoBright shortthrow
DLP projectors based on a lamp-free Solid State Illumination (SSI)

The new EcoBright models, which will be available to schools for evaluation in March, include the ZW210ST (WXGA resolution) and EcoBright ZX210ST (XGA resolution), which carry suggested retails of $1,499 and $1,399, respectively.

Designed for classroom applications, the projectors offer short-throw designs
and are constructed for heavy-use environments.

The lamp-free SSI technology incorporates both LEDs and lasers to deliver
2,000 lumens of brightness output and vibrant color reproduction, while reducing
power consumption and waste, the company said. The system also eliminates
the need to regularly change expensive bulbs.

Both projectors have an 80,000:1 contrast ratio and a wider color palette
than comparable blub-based projectors, and offer richer colors.

With Optoma’s SSI technology users will experience no light degradation over
the lifespan of the unit, so colors remain constant over the entire life of the projector.

The company offers an upgraded warranty of three years on the projector/
10,000 hours on light source.

The lamp-free design was said to save time and money in lamp, filter and
maintenance costs, and eliminates the need for replacement lamps. The SSI
technology also offers 30 to 40 percent less energy use.

Other features include instant on/instant off operation.

Optoma is offering a new EcoTrade Program that gives customers the opportunity
to receive fair market value for their projectors when purchasing either
of the new EcoBright models.