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OmniMount Shipping Low-Profile LED Series Mounts

New York —

OmniMount came to Manhattan last week
to display its new LED series of slim-profile mounting
solutions to the press.

The three mounts in the line are built from aircraftgrade
cables and aluminum alloy and feature extremely
thin profiles.

Two of the mounts feature the company’s proprietary
Suspension System technology which secures a
panel via a cable suspension similar to the way a painting hangs on a wall.

The LEDW60 and LEDW120’s Suspension System
design features Thermalpolyrubber (similar to the
sole of a tennis shoe) grips to minimize panel shifting
and allow simple, one-touch leveling. Once the TV is
mounted, the built-in kickstand supports the flat panel
base away from the wall for wiring and maintenance.

The LEDW60 supports flat panels from 23 inches
to 55 inches up to 60 pounds, and the LEDW120 supports
42-inch to 75-inch panels up to 120 pounds.
While the mounts were designed for lighter-weight LED
TVs, OmniMount’s general manager, visual display/new
product development Mike Townsend told TWICE, the
mounts are rated to hold loads at least four times their
published rating without fail, making them suitable for
most LCD and plasma models on the market.

The top-of-line LEDP75 is a full-motion mount built
to fit panels up to 75 pounds and features Dual-Mode
Installation for low profile on-wall mounting or flush
in-wall mounting. The ability to be installed on-wall or
in-wall is a direct result of the mount being designed
with its own housing for a self-contained solution,
Townsend said.

Mounted on wall, the mount is fully enclosed in the
casing. Mounted in wall, the casing acts as a recessed
box and allows for a completely flush installation. The
arm nests completely inside the casing to keep on-wall
mounting profiles to a minimum.

The LEDP75 also offers ArmGlide, allowing for 11.35 inches of lateral arm travel by sliding the arm
side to side.

It features a brushed and anodized extruded aluminum
finish, and the casing surfaces are paintable.

OmniMount also stressed the green appeal of the
new suspension mounts, since they use significantly
less materials than traditional arm mounts and are
packaged in recycled packaging materials.

The LEDP75, LEDW120 and LEDW60 are offered
at a suggested retail of $249, $149 and $99.95 respectively.
They are available now.