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NuVo Adds Its First Wireless Multi-Room Home Audio System


Multi-room-audio supplier
NuVo entered the wireless-audio market
here at the CEDIA Expo, where it launched
two amplified zone players that use Wi-Fi
to stream Internet radio services and music
stored on networked PCs and network-attached
storage (NAS) drives.

Songs stored on PCs and NAS drives can
be directed to multiple zone players throughout
the house from a Wi-Fi handheld touchscreen
remote or from Android and Apple
tablets and smartphones loaded with a
NuVo app. Multiple songs can be streamed

The handheld devices also control the selection
of four Internet radio services: Pandora,
SiriusXM, Rhapsody and Tune In. The
players are compatible with the iTunes and
Windows Media Player applications on a PC.

Audio sources such as hard drives or USB
drives connected to one player can also be
streamed to other players throughout the
house. Each player also connects to other
audio sources via an analog input, but those
sources can’t be controlled from NuVo’s
touchscreen remote or from Android and
Apple handheld devices.

The players can be connected to in-room
or custom-installed speakers in retrofit applications.

Shipments begin in the fourth quarter only
to installers and to A/V retailers that also offer

The two wireless players include the
P100, which incorporates 2×20-watt amp,
dual-band Wi-Fi 802.11n, and Ethernet port.
It’s expected to retail for $449. The second
player is the P200 with 2×60-watt amp and
expected retail of $599. The P200 adds
4-ohm stability, stereo Bluetooth to reproduce
music streamed from handheld devices,
and Audyssey room-correction technology.
The stereo Bluetooth source can be
streamed through the P200 to other players
on the network.

To ensure an open Wi-Fi channel is available
for the wireless player system, NuVo will
offer a gateway that connects to the home
router. The gateway is expected to cost $199.

The handheld Wi-Fi controller, expected
at $399, features 4.3-inch color LCD touchscreen.

Another NuVo product due in the fourth
quarter is a three-zone wired-Ethernet player
with built-in 8-ohm 6×20-watt amp. The P3100
lacks Wi-Fi but distributes music to three
zones from networked PCs and NAS drives,
Internet music sources, connected USB hard
drives and USB sticks, and three analog-input
sources. It can be controlled from NuVo’s Wi-
Fi remote and Apple and Android devices.

NuVo also plans to offer drivers that will
enable the P3100 to be controlled from major
home-control systems. The drivers will be
available sometime after the player ships.