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New Sony All-In-One Vaio Introduced

Sony added the new PCV-V100G all-in-one computer to its Vaio desktop lineup and introduced a new DVD burner capable of 8x DVD+R recording.

With this model, Sony makes a major departure from its first such model, the PCV-W500GN1. The V100G has a smaller footprint and is slimmer and lighter, primarily because it uses a 15-inch 4-by-3 aspect ratio display instead of the W500GN1’s wide-aspect 17-inch LCD.

Mike Abary, Sony’s director of Vaio notebook marketing, said the V100G’s smaller form factor might enable the company to make the leap into the business market. However, Sony announced no such plan.

The unit will ship in early November with a street price in the $1,600 range to a select group of regional retailers, and it will be available direct from Sony.

The unit’s other major alteration is the inclusion of a wireless keyboard and mouse, Abary said. The W500GN1’s keyboard was connected directly to the PC’s chassis, making it impossible for the user to adjust. The new keyboard uses an RF signal, enabling the keyboard to be operated in any position desired.

Like its predecessor, the V100G features Sony’s Giga Pocket PVR technology, which enables TV programming to be stored on its 80GB hard drive. It also has an Intel Pentium 4 2.4GHz processor, 512MB of RAM, DVD-RAM/CD-RW drive, PC card slot and the standard Vaio software bundle for video, music and imaging editing.

Sony’s DVD announcement comes at the one-year anniversary of the debut of its first dual-format DVD burner. The two new units are the internal DRU-530A and external DRX-530UL. Their 8x DVD+R write speed enables a DVD to be burned in about 10 minutes. The drives have 4x DVD+RW and 4x DVD-R, 2x DVD-RW, 40x CD-R and 24x CD-RW recording speeds.

The DRU-530A will ship in December with an estimated retail price of $270. The DRX-530UL will follow in January with a $350 estimated retail price.